“Thank you KYB4M, your Bible Study materials have really helped us to better understand God’s word and apply it to our lives in practical ways. The studies are easy to follow and full of great thought provoking questions”

Mark, NSW



“Studying Acts has given me greater insight into Paul and his journey. Plus, what he had to suffer whilst remaining firm in his belief of having Jesus with him always! I/we read of a ‘softer’ side to Paul when he wept. It has illuminated Acts to increase my understanding.”

Chrissy, NSW



“The KYB studies have helped me, particularly in this covid lockdown period, to be able to meet (often on line), share and have fellowship with other like-minded people, many times it has been the highlight of my week, and sometimes the only chance to talk with someone.

The Acts study has enabled me to have a much better and deeper picture of Paul. I’ve really come to appreciate his sincerity, conviction and steadfastness in following what he knew God wanted him to do. This was despite many setbacks, personal attacks and imprisonment. I was really touched by the fact, that on a couple of occasions he was moved to tears. ”

Roz, NSW