What is KYB4M?

KYB4M is a ministry for men and women using Bible study material produced by CWCI International. The studies are the same as those used by over 2000 KYB women-only groups around Australia and in over 70 other countries.

KYB4M studies are designed to help people to know the Bible and God’s message for today through personal study and group sharing.

The studies are designed so that those who use them engage with a section of the Bible four times each week:

  1. At home answering the daily questions
  2. In group discussion
  3. By the group leader’s summary after the discussion
  4. In the printed notes provided with each study

The KYB Method

Four KYB study books are produced each year, three with nine studies and one with five. The studies have daily Bible readings with questions to answer.

When the KYB4M group meets, the leader introduces the study. The members of the group then discuss their answers to the questions followed by the leader giving a summary of the study. The members read the study review notes at home.

The Know Your Bible method encourages the establishment of a daily devotional pattern for each person and all are nurtured by God’s Word.

Starting a group

Contact our distributor. You will be sent a KYB4M Application Pack with forms to complete and return. Once your application has been approved you can order study books through the KYB4M distributor.

Mission Statement

  • To deepen and enrich the spiritual lives of men and women and to build them up in the Christian faith through Bible-based teaching
  • To bring men and women to a personal knowledge of Jesus Christ as Saviour
  • To equip men and women for life in their homes, work and communities
  • To enable men and women to be effective in their churches and in their service for the Lord

       I am the way and the truth and the life…

                                             John 14:6

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