Introduction to Study

To set the scene and give some background to each new KYB4M study, an introduction is available in printed and audio versions for the current study as well as the previous study.

It is good to present this material to your group the week before each study term commences, to introduce the study to your group.

Current Study (Genesis 37-50 – Intended for good)TextAudio
Previous Study (Colossians and Philemon – Anchored in Christ)TextAudio
KYB4M acknowledges that CWCI Australia is the author and producer of the text and audio of Introductory CD, and are used with permission


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2021 Studies                                      2022 Studies
Term 1 – Acts Part 2                            Term 1 – Mark
Term 2 – Daniel                                   Term 2 – Joshua
Term 3 – Colossians/Philemon            Term 3 – Life of Paul
Term 4 – Genesis part 4                      Term 4 – Leviticus

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