Introduction to Study

To set the scene and give some background to each new KYB4M study, an introduction is available in printed and audio versions for the current study as well as the previous study.

It is good to present this material to your group the week before each study term commences, to introduce the study to your group.

Current Study (Kings of Judah) Text Audio
Previous Study (Ephesians) Text



Sample Studies

2019 Studies
Term 1 - Abraham (Genesis 12-25)
Term 2 - Ephesians
Term 3 - Kings of Judah
Term 4 - Prayers from the Bible

2020 Studies
Term 1 - Isaacs & sons (Genesis 25-36)
Term 2 - Acts part 1 (Chapters 1-12)
Term 3 - Nehemiah (revised)

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